Lyn Schwartz, MS, RD, is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant.

Lyn teaches nutrition at UMass-Dartmouth and has over 20 years of experience teaching weight loss, energy-boosting strategies and heart healthy eating for organizations, individuals and families in the greater Boston area.   With humor and compassion, Lyn helps people to achieve their maximum potential by teaching people how to make key changes in the way they eat throughout the day.

When teaching weight management, Lyn first assesses calorie and nutrient needs.  This is followed by an individualized eating plan designed to achieve personal goals, along with specific meal and snack suggestions.   As a lecturer, Lyn is able to reach a broad audience with her expansive nutrition knowledge, communication skills, memorable strategies and effective written materials.

Comments from past class members:

“This plan has taught me how to eat – at age 40!  It has taught me how to eat with discipline and still enjoy eating.”

“In 10 weeks I have lost 19.8 pounds…  My knees don’t hurt anymore. Some of the clothes that didn’t fit but have been hanging in my closet, fit again. There are things I have been longing to wear and now I can!”
“It has been a real “eye opener” – and a complete change in mind set – to eat often AND to include carbs.”
“There isn’t a “magic bullet,” but there is a magic formula.”